What to do on your visit to Oahu

Nicknamed ‘The Gathering Place’, Oahu truly live up to its name. With a population of just under one million, the place is the most populous among the Hawaiian Islands. The majority of Hawaiians live in Oahu creating a mixture of a wide array of cultures present in Hawaii. Oahu is a very diverse place; you can start the day hiking in the steep hills of Oahu and end the day watching the sunset on a cliff by the sea. In this amazing Oahu area guide, you are going to see some of the best places in Oahu and some of the fun things you can do to make your visit to Hawaii perfect.


Hawaii’s warm and wet climate is ideal for farming. There are farmers all over the island growing fresh crops for selling to visitors and residents. There is also the Kapiolani Community College, which has capitalized in this huge supply of fresh produce by offering classes in culinary art. However what to look out for is the KCC Farmers’ Market where one can get fresh flowers and taste Hawaiian delicacies like the Otsuji Farm’s sweet banana and potato fritters smeared with maple syrup. You can also choose to buy food products like coffees, jams that you can take with you home.

When you are in Hawaii, it is essential that you get a good grasp of the real Hawaiian culture. At the Luau, you will learn a lot concerning how the Hawaiian people used to eat, live and party. Luau is located at Paradise Cove and in itself means to feast. At the luau, you will be able to a large variety of food such as cold haupia, taro bread rolls and much more. Entertainers will showcase Hawaiian history and culture through music and dance.1014824-600x450

Before Hawaii was incorporated into the United States, it was ruled by a monarch. King Kalakaua and his sister and successor Queen Liluokalani resided in the Iolani Palace. The palace is majestic with the glamor and luxury that you would expect in any palace. There are a throne room and a dining room where feasts used to take place. It is also interesting to see the chamber where the Queen was imprisoned for five months during which she sewed.

When in Hawaii you don’t want to miss out on the beach. You can get a surfboard and learn to surf. It is a hobby for many Hawaiians and with the Pacific waves you are surely going to enjoy yourself. At the beach, you can also sit and wait for the sunset. A cliff can provide an excellent view of the breathtaking sunset that is surely not to be missed; it is the most beautiful site you will ever see.architecture-70446_1280

You can also consider going to the North Shore where you can wind up your day and feel the relaxing sea breeze. It is only a 25-minute drive from the bustling Honolulu where you can find calm and quiet. There are also shrimps that you could sample.

Finally, if you want to get a feel of Hawaii then go for a spin. In Hawaiian, they call it to “holoholo” which means to go out for a leisure ride.…

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